Flat plate solar thermal collector

A great addition to the Solar Skies Mfg. product line is the low profile 4' x 4' (SS-16) flat plate solar thermal collector. This lightweight collector only weighs 60 pounds, making it easy to handle and install. The low-profile height allows for optimal angles, while reducing wind loading, improving aesthetics, and maintaining the horizontal flow possibilities necessary for drain back systems, as well as pressurized glycol systems. The low-profile of the SS-16 also allows user to do low-profile installations with up to eight collectors in an array. The SS-16 is SRCC rated and built with the same high-quality standards as the rest of the Solar Skies product line. The SS-16 can be ordered with any of the Solar Skies SS Series or EZ-Array options, and uses the standard SS Series hardware.

Solar Skies Mfg.

As seen in: 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum Show-in-Print
Volume: May/June 2012