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3D visualization PV simulation program

20 May 2012

PV*SOL ExpertPV*SOL Expert, the simulation program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis, is now available from Valentin Software with extended features for mounted PV systems in 3D mode and US measurement units. With the new 3D object “open area,” ground-mounted systems (with up to 2,000 modules) can be reproduced on a slope or level ground in PV*SOL Expert’s 3D visualization. This means that, in addition to the differentiated shading analysis of mounted PV systems on buildings, the corresponding shading analysis can be carried out for ground-mounted systems. An “open area” can also be used to align a number of 3D objects together. For example, to position or adapt 3D objects such as trees, buildings, bay windows, walls that are fixed or that can be rotated, round chimneys, all types of barred areas, as well as edge distances and inspection paths. Furthermore, in 3D visualization the new version of PV*SOL Expert 5.5 offers the possibility of joint configuration of a number of PV areas, and manual configuration (in addition to automatic configuration). A meandering course for the individual strings is also possible.

Valentin Software

Volume: May/June 2012