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AC solar module

25 Mar 2012

Combining the intelligence of panel electronics and the integration of specially designed module and sequenced inverter, Canadian Solar’s Intelligrated Power CommercialAC module is the first three-phase grid-ready AC solar module optimized for commercial installations. The CommercialAC module dramatically simplifies system design by integrating specially designed solar modules and sequenced inverter technology into one high-performing module—with no need for central or string inverter, or module and string-sizing. The rugged inverter components are more reliable and durable than standard microinverters, and are built with new hot-spot suppression technology, eliminating diodes. Additionally, CommercialAC’s plug-and-play capability is easy to install and simplifies on-the-spot system modifications. Installing “cold,” CommercialAC is inherently safe, without high-voltage DC and safeguards against arc faulting. CommercialAC is covered by Canadian Solar’s 25-year warranty, as well as matching warranty insurance guaranteed by A.M. Best rated insurance carriers.


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As seen in: 2012 PV America Show-in-Print
Volume: March/April 2012