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AI Technology, Inc.

20 Jan 2012

AIT SOLAR-IMB and SOLAR-TDB AIT melt-encapsulation backsheets reduce cycle times and increase efficiency. Both of these backsheets for solar panels provide thermally dissipative UV- and moisture-resistant properties, while providing mechanical strength and electrical insulation as good as that of T/P/T. Thermal dissipation improves overall solar panel efficiency and boosts power output by allowing faster passive cooling to ambient air. Specially formulated UV- and moisture-resistance in the encapsulating layer provide excellent protection. Furthermore, AIT backsheets allow for a fast melt-encapsulating process-step, reducing overall cycle time without the customary curing time. AIT SOLAR-IMB designates a backsheet with an insulated metal layer for mechanical strength and thermal dissipation. AIT SOLAR-TDB designates a thermal dissipative backsheet without metal layer for applications requiring higher flexibility.

As seen in: 2012 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2012