Battery powered nodes & software integration

21 Jan 2010

The NI wireless sensor network (WSN) platform delivers battery powered nodes that offer industrial certifications, reliable networking protocols, and optional outdoor enclosures for long-term, stand-alone deployments. Take advantage of NI LabVIEW software integration with NI WSNs to select between Windows and LabVIEW Real-Time Oss, and simplify the extraction of high-quality measurement data. A WSN system is ideal for environmental monitoring in which the requirements mandate a long-term deployed solution to acquire water, soil, or climate measurements. For utilities such as the electricity grid, streetlights, and water municipals, wireless sensors offer a lower-cost method for collecting system health data to reduce energy usage and better manage resources. In structural health monitoring, wireless sensors can monitor highways, bridges, and tunnels, and deploy these systems to monitor office buildings, power plants, airports, etc.

National Instruments