Alternative energy research

21 Jan 2010

With more than 500 researchers working to advance the energy and environmental challenges faced worldwide, Penn State brings an interdisciplinary approach to solving these complex issues. Their core strength areas include engine and alternative fuels research, batteries and fuel cell research, as well as solar, wind, nuclear, and biomass production and utilization. The impact of their scholarship in multidisciplinary alternative energy research has been recognized in a 2009 report by Elsevier Press. Penn State ranked fifth among over 3,000 research institutions and first among universities worldwide for leadership in this area.
In FY08-09, the top 44 faculty members in the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment were principal or co-principal investigators on more than 400 successful grant proposals, with over $109 million in awards. Of the $765 million total research expenditures at Penn State in FY2009, over $100 million resulted from industry sponsored research, ranking third nationally.

Penn State Industrial Research Office