Tracking greenhouse gas emissions

21 Nov 2009

Tracking greenhouse gas emissionsRSC Equipment Rental has launched an equipment emission tracking service that automatically calculates greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions from diesel-powered equipment. The data regarding these emissions are critical for regulatory compliance, voluntary reporting, and carbon footprint reduction. RSC is the first company in the equipment rental industry to provide customers accurate and detailed emissions data. The data will change the way customers in the industrial, maintenance and non-residential construction markets use rented equipment and help them become more sustainable.

RSC took great lengths to ensure the integrity of the methodology for this tracking solution. The Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University independently verified the methodology, the formulas, and the data collected. The verified formulas include the hours of use, load factor, fuel consumption, density conversion, emission factors, and engine horsepower/tier level. The service tracks the greenhouse gas emissions carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, as well as emissions of other key criteria pollutants including nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particular matter, and hydrocarbons. The formulas are applicable to diesel powered equipment with hour meters, which reflects 88% of RSC equipment with hour-metered engines.

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