Software powers greenhouse gas meter

21 Jul 2009

Enterprise Information Management, Inc. (EIM), and Evergreen Energy Inc. offer a greenhouse gas meter called GreenCert, developed on IBM Websphere Portal-based software, which can calculate carbon reductions across multiple industries and devices. The absence of such compliance tools is cited as inhibiting the investment in and growth of the potentially US$30 billion global carbon market, according to a World Bank report.

GreenCert provides an automated software tool to gauge and document greenhouse gas management efforts and can transform this data into Certified Carbon Emissions Reduction Credits (CCERC). This greenhouse gas meter solution is a collaborative project among IBM Business Partner Enterprise Information Management, Inc. (EIM), Evergreen Energy Inc., and its subsidiary C-Lock Technology Inc. (C-Lock). The technology extends the global greenhouse gas reduction trading market to numerous sectors including power, agriculture, government and financial services. It can easily be deployed throughout power plants, cement factories, steel factories and commercial buildings, measuring outputs of greenhouse gases from florescent lights, printers and other sources of energy output. GreenCert offers a standard, repeatable methodology for efficiently collecting and manipulating large volumes of information and calculating and documenting emissions reductions, a process which has typically relied on highly specialized, labor and transaction intensive methods.

C-Lock Technology, Inc.

Evergreen Energy Inc.