Making sense of the new energy paradigm

21 May 2009

altCompanies, private users, and public agencies can ensure their future energy needs are met safely and securely by “thinking outside the grid,” according to a new book by one of the energy and technology industries’ pre-eminent thought leaders, Ronald H Bowman, Jr, executive vice president of Tishman Technologies Corporation.

In “The Green Guide to Power: Thinking Outside the Grid,” Bowman explores the environmental and ecological impact of our current network of power plants and distribution lines. He offers cogent solutions on what Americans can do to reduce dependency on an increasingly erratic and inefficient energy creation and distribution system that produces more CO2 emissions than any other sector, including automotive transportation. 

“The Green Guide to Power” evaluates the total implementation cost and net energy benefit, with or without a carbon tax, on a myriad of green decentralized energy solutions. These solutions include: biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, ocean/tidal, biowaste, and hydraulic.

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