Re-charging battery life

21 Mar 2009

When it comes to batteries, many consumers are in the habit of buying cheaper batteries and throwing them away once the battery’s strength is gone. A company called Responsible Energy Corporation aims to educate consumers about how using throw-away batteries negatively affects the environment. The company gears its energy toward marketing rechargeable batteries for all common uses—or green batteries that can be used again and again.

Responsible Energy Corporation realizes that even consumers who buy rechargeable batteries will often only buy these for the products that require them…digital cameras, games, portable music players, GPS, and other electronics that normally drain the life from a battery quickly. With more than 15 billion batteries being produced and sold worldwide annually, the company is promoting the use of rechargeable batteries, no matter what type of product or how efficiently the product uses a battery’s energy.

“Many of the batteries being sold are alkaline batteries. These are discarded after a single use. We want to change that by encouraging folks to spend just a little more now on rechargeable batteries to save hundreds of dollars later, while simultaneously contributing to a greener planet,” said company owner Curtis Randolph.

What many do not realize is the environment suffers in a three-fold manner with this many disposable batteries being sold each year. For one, batteries are often disposed of improperly. Secondly, battery factories have to use extra time and energy (along with dangerous chemicals) to create more batteries. Lastly, consumers spend their money on more batteries than are really needed throughout the year, not realizing how much they could save by simply switching to rechargeables.

“Think of the new energy saver light bulbs that have become so popular in recent years. Sure, you can still get the cheaper varieties, but the energy-saver bulbs last years longer and save the consumer many dollars on their energy bills…the benefits are similar with rechargeable batteries,” said Randolph.

Consumers can save money by switching to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. Whether AA or AAA batteries are needed, users can easily and affordably replace them with NiMH to enjoy a much longer battery life. Lithium Ion (li-ion) batteries are not normally available in consumer sizes and voltages, but there are some exceptions. Visit to learn more. This site also offers other green battery related products, such as solar battery chargers, battery testers, converters, holders, adapters, and more.

Responsible Energy Corporation