The Sun is Shining on Reliant’s New Make It Solar Program

12 Feb 2020

Texans are embracing the power of the sun, and Reliant is making it easier than ever with the new Reliant Make It Solar program. Customers can now support renewable, solar energy without the expense of rooftop panels while keeping their preferred electricity plans. By “making it solar,” Reliant will automatically offset 100% of the customer’s electricity usage with Texas and national solar renewable energy certificates every month. This bright idea is another way Reliant is making power personal and providing “power your way.”

“Reliant’s new Make It Solar program gives customers the opportunity to support solar energy, while keeping a plan that best meets their usage needs,” said Elizabeth Killinger, president of Reliant. “We recognize that our customers have different lifestyles and priorities, so we want to personalize power and help them choose an electricity plan that’s right for them. For those who want to quickly and easily support solar energy without putting panels on their roof, Make It Solar is the perfect solution.”

Make It Solar can be added to any qualifying Reliant plan for a flat price of $6.99 per month. Nothing changes about the customer’s electricity plan and Make it Solar is available for both new and current customers. Whether Texans live in houses, apartments or condominiums – rented or owned – they can now do their part to support clean energy with Make It Solar.

Reliant provides customers with a full suite of innovative products that offer a modern alternative to energy. In addition to Make It Solar, Reliant also offers the Reliant Local Solar plan, which supports locally sourced power from solar farms around Houston and Dallas, and the Reliant 100% Solar 12 plan. For customers who do have solar panels, the Reliant Simple Solar Sell Back 12 plan allows them to receive credits for any excess electricity their panels generate and return to the grid.

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