Conquest Invests in 5 Greenfield Onshore Wind Parks Totalizing 43MW in the Flanders Region

24 Jan 2020

Conquest, acting through the Conquest Sustainable Infrastructure fund, announced the transaction was closed after an exclusive agreement had been reached with ENGIE Electrabel. Conquest acquires 51% of a portfolio expected to provide 111 GWh per annum of renewable power representing the annual electricity consumption of about 32,000 Belgian homes from early 2021 onwards. The projects benefit from 15 to 20-year green certificates local remuneration schemes, and thus generate yearly secured revenues.

While the energy and digital transitions continue to drive the infrastructure sector, Conquest keeps building its diversified sustainable real asset portfolio in Western European markets. The success lies in years of collaboration and long-lasting partnerships with fellow industry experts who can notably facilitate access to new growth opportunities.

These investments are in line with the fund’s strategy to invest into risk-adjusted portfolios across Europe. While the role of government bonds as portfolio ballast has come under scrutiny as the pool of sovereign bonds with negative yields burgeons - a particularly thorny challenge for institutions like insurers and pension funds that have liability-matching needs, the resilience stemming from such yielding, stable and predictable cash flows is very attractive.

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