Isotrol Turns 35 and Reaches 35 GW of Monitored Renewable Energy

14 Jan 2020

Isotrol, experts in developing technology for the international energy sector, finished 2019 with more than 35 GW of monitored renewable power. The company achieved this figure after adding 8 GW more in the last year. In the same way, forecasts are equally as positive, considering that the company’s current sales pipeline now registers 51 additional GW.

Isotrol reaches this milestone in the same year of its 35​ anniversary. In order to celebrate these two facts, it’s whole team met at an event last december in Seville, the city where it’s head office is located. Beltrán Calvo, CEO, explained then that “during the last 35 years, we have been the travel partner of some of the energy industry’s top companies, easing their digitalization”. Lastly, he said that “in next years we will continue offering comprehensive solutions to improve power generation, grid integration and also produced energy trading”.

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