Sunverge Announces Support of Ecobee, Honeywell and Owon Smart Thermostats

10 Dec 2019

Sunverge, the provider of an industry-leading Distributed Energy Resource (DER) control and aggregation platform, announced that the Sunverge Platform extends support for three of the most popular smart thermostats currently available on the market today: the Honeywell Home T9, the Ecobee 3/4, and the Owon Multi-stage Programmable Thermostat. With these new integrations, the Sunverge Platform continues to grow its list of supported controllable load resources to deliver more in-depth and comprehensive demand and flexible load management in concert with advanced grid services capabilities that benefit both the utility and the homeowner alike.

The Sunverge software platform provides the ability to manage and co-optimize services on both sides of the meter and offers value to the consumer while also offering value to utility and grid operations. With Sunverge’s unique combination of grid edge computing control, as well as cloud computing fleet aggregation, the platform allows for intelligent, continuous, context-aware and semi-autonomous shaping of site load. Sunverge’s platform controls, manages and local site generation, storage and load, and simultaneously aggregates all sites in order to provide grid scale services, thereby co-optimizing performance on both sides of the meter.

The Sunverge Energy Platform and its advanced self-learning algorithms are built on over a decade of smart grid experience and allow for distributed energy resources to be used in the most optimized manner possible to disaggregate and manage demand and grid supply. These advanced capabilities and real-time, granular, behind-the-meter visibility and control are becoming increasingly more important as DER proliferation continues and utilities are tasked with the integration of DERs into core distribution grid operations and resource planning.

In addition to thermostats, Sunverge brings added advanced optimization and control to a wide variety of behind-the-meter devices, such as water heaters, direct AC control, EV chargers, smart plugs, pool and heat pumps, and other controllable loads.

“We continue to be impressed with the Sunverge platform and the added capabilities such as support for smart thermostats and EV chargers,” said Neetika Sathe, Vice President, Green Energy and Technology (GRE&T) Centre at Alectra Utilities. “With Sunverge, controlling, orchestrating and optimizing distributed energy resources in an integrated and holistic manner is easier than it’s ever been, and this win-win integration brings value to both sides of the meter.”

“These additional integrations demonstrate the growing demand for holistic flexible load management and optimization as well as other advance features of the Sunverge platform,” said Sunverge CEO Martin Milani. “As we form more and more partnerships with utilities and technology companies alike, the Sunverge platform will continue to lead the market on its path towards a grid aware and ubiquitous smart home energy management. We continue to bring load and system flexibility as well as feeder level resiliency to customers here in North America and across the world.”

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