Volta Welcomes Praveen Mandal as Chief Technology Officer

05 Nov 2019

Volta, the industry leader in innovative electric vehicle charging networks, announced its new Chief Technology Officer, Praveen Mandal, a seasoned industry veteran and entrepreneur within the electric vehicle space. A MIT Connection Science Fellow with an accomplished resume, Mandal brings a successful track record of impactful ideas for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a fresh take on AI expertise to Volta and the industry.

“I’m honored to join Volta, a company that has always stood out to me as a pioneer of the most innovative business model in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market,” said Praveen Mandal, Volta’s new chief technology officer (CTO). “I share Volta’s passion for creating a fundamental shift in mobility, and I look forward to helping this fast-growing team advance the electric vehicle revolution.”

Mandal is a former engineer turned serial entrepreneur who jump started the electric vehicle charging industry through the co-founding of Chargepoint in 2007, where he also served as its President. Furthermore, he is the recognized inventor of the “networked charging stations” concept, a pioneering idea that helped drive the adoption of charging stations by all industry stakeholders. He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of 2predict, a team of data scientists providing advanced machine learning solutions for innovative companies.

With a passion for electrification of transportation, Mandal owned his first electric vehicle in 2008 by taking a Toyota Prius and doing an aftermarket conversion from Pat’s Garage in San Francisco.

Mandal joins Volta at a time where they just launched their free DC fast charging service and is bringing machine learning know-how to Volta’s sponsors. He currently resides in San Francisco.

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