Greenlots Enables Widespread EV Charging Access for Ford All-Electric Drivers

17 Oct 2019

Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group and leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, announced that it has led the buildout of the FordPass Charging Network, currently the largest public charging network of any automotive manufacturer. Starting in 2020 with its all-new, Mustang-inspired SUV available in 2020, this program will allow future Ford all-electric drivers to charge seamlessly across all the major charging networks in the U.S. and select regions in Canada. 

The industry-wide technology collaboration led by Greenlots is the first roll out to a market of this scale. The program will deliver unmatched flexibility and charging accessibility to new Ford all-electric drivers and accelerate the adoption of electrified transportation across North America. The program will go live in 2020 and all functionality will fall within the existing FordPass mobile app, which has been integrated with the Greenlots open standard technology platform.

The launch of the FordPass Charging Network will enable a Ford customer to be able to purchase a Plug & Charge-ready vehicle knowing that Ford has already set up a program that allows them to access all Plug & Charge-enabled chargers. Drivers who are a part of this program will also be able to access chargers from multiple EV charging networks through the FordPass app, or the vehicle's on-screen dashboard, without needing to sign up separately for individual network apps or memberships. This has been made possible through Greenlots-led EV driver roaming partnerships in the industry between major charging providers. 

"This new program will not only provide easy charging accessibility to Ford customers but will also serve as a blueprint to help evolve the entire EV industry in a coordinated and uniform way," said Harmeet Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Greenlots. "Integration of the Ford and Greenlots technology platforms within the FordPass app will provide a seamless and integrated EV charging experience, as well as push forward the commercialization and widespread adoption of emerging EV charging standards and technologies. Through this program, the EV charging industry is more unified than ever --- a huge win for current and future EV drivers." 

While all chargers participating in this program will be networked together for Ford customers, the operation and maintenance of each specific station will remain within the responsibility of each individual infrastructure provider. All participating Greenlots chargers will be connected to the company's SKY EV Charging Network Software that balances grid demand and enables station owners to integrate renewable energy and storage assets onsite. 

"Our team is committed to providing the next generation of vehicles for the next era of mobility," said Matthew Stover, Director of Business Development and EV Services at Ford Motor Company. "Through our work with the highly skilled Greenlots team and collaboration with other industry charging providers, it's clear that the future is bright for electrified transportation. We look forward to providing drivers with the freedom to charge where they please, when they please and expanding the market for electrified passenger vehicles through this program."

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