Building Renewable Energy Portfolios in the USA

10 Sep 2019

In the build up to Corporate Energy Series USA(18 - 19 November 2019, Miami) we are excited to announce the release of a brand new 12 page report: Building Renewable Energy Portfolios in the USA

May 2019 saw renewable energy become the second largest electricity generating source in the USA, second only to natural gas. Corporate and community projects are leading the charge for a cleaner future, and appetite is growing to open the market further.

In this report we take a look at

  • How renewable energy became a major electricity generating source in the USA
  • The purpose of the hedge agreements in comparison to PPAs
  • The world's largest wind and solar power producers...
  • ...and we finish with a special interview from Jeff Mckay, Director of Marketing at 8minute Solar Energy. 

Download the report here.

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