Easily send alerts to smart devices

15 Jul 2019

The Lufft I-Box and Opus20 combination makes it easy to set up E-mail alerts from a Datalogger to smart phones and other devices. The Lufft I-BOX is a gateway for almost every measurement task, thanks to flexible app-technology. Users select an app for data input, data handling, and data output. For example, a particular Data Entry App will query 10 OPUS20 devices, the Data Processing App can generate an alarm, and the Data Output App will send the data to a database. The I-Box “plug-and-play” solution gives a uniform query to live data from different instruments such as the OPUS 20 Datalogger. In addition, an app for controlling alarms is included with the I-Box. Other apps are available at the I-Box App Store to suit individual needs.

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Volume: 2019 July/August