LED lighting for the energy storage industry

15 Jul 2019

The Protecta X LED, from Chalmit, has a user-definable light distribution, a maintenance-free lifespan of over 120,000 hours at 77°F (25°C), is easy to maintain, and with its optional battery stick, can be installed quickly. The Protecta X has specialized optics which deliver the output of a 4ft linear in a lightweight and slimline luminaire package. The optics control the light, generating a highly targeted, bright, white output over the desired area, and limiting the amount of wasted spill light. The optics are available in a variety of distinct distributions, designed for key site applications, such as mounted from handrails for walkway illumination and localized lighting in low/medium bay applications. This high, focused output means fewer luminaires are required, reducing installation and inspection times and overall project costs within an energy storage and power plant. Furthermore, the Protecta X is 50% more energy efficient than a fluorescent luminaire, reducing energy costs too. The Protecta X’s LEDs and driver are housed in separate enclosures, extending the life of both components. Air gaps between the luminaire and central body prevent the collection of dust and particulates, which helps avoid overheating. Made of recyclable marine grade aluminium, heat is conducted away from the new luminaire’s central body. 

Chalmit | http://www.xseriesled.com


Volume: 2019 July/August