Compact energy storage system

15 Jul 2019

The compact VARTA pulse energy storage system has been updated. VARTA’s own linux-based VS-XMS operating system makes additional functions possible. Now, VARTA pulse neo can charge on a forecast basis, and is easy to integrate into Smart Home applications. Thanks to the high-power operating system, individual functions can be continuously added via a software update, without impairing the basic functions. New software updates can be installed faster and more easily, and the storage system is equipped for the future demands on the “Internet of Things”. VARTA pulse and VARTA pulse neo are available in two performance classes (3.3kWh and 6.5kWh) and are easily mounted to the wall. The energy storage system can be installed in just 30 minutes, thanks to a plug-and-play facility, and can be combined with all sources of green energy. VARTA pulse neo has a standby consumption of 1.4W, and is quick to regulate. The storage system is suitable for anyone who wants to bundle a high energy density in a small space in a single or dual family home.



Volume: 2019 July/August