Weidmüller INSTA-POWER Switched-Mode Power Supplies – The New Generation

09 Jul 2019

Weidmuller has launched its new INSTA-POWER product series. The single phased, primary switching power supplies are characterized by a wide power spectrum, compact construction, and high value for money. The INSTA-POWER series has nine (9) variants with power outputs of 15 W, 30 W, 60 W and 96 W (5 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V). Thanks to a wide range of voltage inputs of 85-264 V and international approvals, they can be used worldwide resulting in an advantage for export-oriented plant engineering.

All devices in the series can be operated in the temperature range -25°C to +70°C. High efficiency of up to 91% and extremely low no-load power loss of max. 0.5 W ensure minimal energy costs. Together with the MTBF value in excess of 750,000 hours, INSTA-POWER switch-mode power supplies are an extremely economical investment over the entire service life of the device.

With an installation depth of just 60 mm, INSTA-POWER switch-mode power supplies can be found on the smallest of panels. This makes it suitable for DIN cutouts in various distribution boxes. The INSTA-POWER series can be snapped into the terminal rail or screwed onto the panel. The PUSH IN connection on the INSTA-POWER series makes installation, maintenance, and measurements, under even the most unfavorable conditions, convenient.

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