The Lion Electric Company and Boivin Évolution Join Forces - the World's First All-Electric Waste Collection Truck

03 Jun 2019

At the IMPULSION MTL event and in the presence of a large crowd of industry insiders, The Lion Electric Co. (Lion) and Boivin Évolution (BEV) unveiled the world's first Class 8 truck with a powertrain and automated collection hopper that are 100% electric.

For the first time, a zero-emission truck with a fully electric waste collection hopper and automated arm will be put into service. 

Yet another sign of success for Quebec ingenuity
By combining their expertise, Quebec companies Lion and BEV have been able to push the limits of innovation and the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles even further. Conceived, designed, and manufactured for the electric market, the Lion8 chassis and the BEV all-electric automated side-loading hopper will be used to collect household waste, recycling, and organic material.

Never before have waste collection trucks been so beneficial to our planet, our society, and our quality of life.

The advantages of the Lion8 with BEV side-loading hopper 

  • Range of up to 400 km or a full day of operation (1,200 homes) on a single charge 
  • No noise pollution 
  • Optimal visibility and turning radius 
  • Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (43% of GHG emissions in Quebec come from transportation and heavy-duty vehicles in particular) 
  • No hydraulic fluid needed for pumps, pipes, and hoses. All hopper and arm movements are powered by the battery that drives electric motors for each function 
  • Overnight recharging when the truck is not in operation and when demand for electricity is lower, which reduces energy costs 
  • Savings of up to 80% on total energy costs 
  • 60% lower service costs thanks to the simple, low-maintenance electric powertrain that has few components 
  • Oil-free operation with very few moving parts 
  • Longer lasting brakes due to regenerative braking system 
  • Custom built in Quebec to withstand North American weather and road conditions

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