Boliden Signs Long-Term Wind Power Agreement

22 May 2019

Boliden has signed a long-term electricity supply agreement with a wind power developer. The agreement entails an expanded production of fossil-free electricity in both Finland and Sweden and that Boliden's energy supply is continued to be ensured at competitive terms. 

"The agreement means that we get an increased long-term perspective in our energy supply. In parallel, it is of course positive to contribute to increased production of fossil-free energy in the vicinity of our facilities, particularly as the electrification rate in our own operations increases," says Mikael Staffas, President and CEO, Boliden.

The long term agreement involves annual electricity deliveries, corresponding to 240 GWh in Sweden and 175 GWh in Finland. Production will take place in wind farms in close proximity to the mining operations in the Boliden area and the smelting operations in Kokkola.

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