MISP Strengthening UAE’s Solar Power Capacities with Novel CSP and TES Techs

21 May 2019

In recognition of the increasingly important role CSP will play in achieving the UAE’s renewable energy target, the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) was launched in 2015.

As a unique CSP and TES research facility that enables researchers to demonstrate and validate novel CSP-related systems in desert harsh environment, MISP is launched to spur the development of CSP and TES technologies.

In conventional CSP tower systems, the light is concentrated on a receiver at the top of the tower. However, the MISP’s beam-down tower concentrates the light on a ground receiver, which is perfectly configured and convenient for research purposes.

The facility is also being used to test reflector technologies, absorber tubes, heat transfer fluids, mirrors and a variety of components used in the CSP industry.

To take a deep visit onsite to the platform, you may also join CSP Focus MENA 2019 event on Jun.24-27 in UAE, during which the delegation got opportunity to visit MISP at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi on the first day.

Moreover, Dr. Nicolas Calvet, Chair of the MISP and Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology will be speaking at the afterwards Jun.26-27 industry conference & expo in Dubai.

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