NEXTracker Furthers Market Reach in Europe

15 May 2019

NEXTracker, a Flex company, announced that the Company is bolstering its sales efforts in the region to respond to the renewed growth in PV projects slated to be developed in Europe over the next few years. With greater physical presence in the region, NEXTracker will support the 400 megawatts of solar tracker projects it has won in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

According to the global PV Installations Tracker report published by IHS Markit, demand for solar is surging in Europe as PV technology is becoming competitive with other sources of power and countries across the region seek to meet near-term goals for clean energy and emissions reduction. “There is a tremendous pipeline for utility scale solar projects with solar trackers,” said Senior Analyst for Solar & Energy Storage at IHS Markit, Camron Barati. “We’re projecting that by 2023, PV tracking systems will account for 43% of Europe’s installed ground-mounted capacity annually.”

“We are excited to be fully engaged with our European customers with a deeper presence in the region,” said Dan Shugar, NEXTracker CEO. “We have successfully built our supply chain, operations and sales efforts in what are now thriving solar energy regions across the globe, and we see Europe as a promising market. After solar’s many years on hiatus in Europe, we’re excited to bring our latest energy yield technologies to this renewed market.” 

“After extensively reviewing multiple competing offers, we chose NEXTracker for our two landmark subsidy-free projects in the Northwest of England,” remarked Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE. “With the shackles of subsidies finally a thing of the past, European solar projects are now on the rise, and we’re building them smarter, with yield improvement advancements such as NEXTracker’s bifacial and TrueCapture control system technologies. Our heartfelt congratulations to NEXTracker on this geographic expansion.”

“Our sincerest congratulations to NEXTracker on their strategic move for geographic expansion,” said Grupo Ortiz. “We have successfully executed projects in Latin American large-utility scale projects and we look forward to witnessing their growth on the European front.”

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