Compact modular recloser 

15 May 2019

Siemens’ Compact Modular Recloser (CMR) is a cost-effective, reduced-maintenance alternative to single-phase, oil-filled reclosers. Fully rated, lightweight, configurable, and compliant to IEEE C37.60, the CMR is rated for 630A continuous current with four shots to lockout. It integrates the switch unit, control, and voltage power source into a single-insulated epoxy housing, for reliability and easy installation. It has a 25-year pole-top life that is maintenance-free except for replacing rechargeable batteries. The CMR reduces operating costs since it doesn’t require oil to be replaced or timing mechanisms to be adjusted. Its 630A continuous current capacity means it can be used for multiple applications and configured as needed. Alternatively, it can be ordered preconfigured and dropped in place without any set-up or configuration. The integrated GPS clock helps pinpoint the time of 10,000 events to within 10 milliseconds accuracy. The Siemens CMR has encrypted wireless data download, making reporting of network reliability easy, such as System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), System Average Interruption Frequency (SAIFI), and Momentary Average Interruption Frequency Index (MAIFI) data. The wireless download capability allows operators to download data securely and safely from the ground. The Siemens CMR harvests power from line voltage instead of line current, so the device can be self-powered even if there is no current on the line. Weighing under 50lbs, the CMR can be crossarm- or pole-mounted. Two models, 15kV and 27kV, both with 12.5kA short circuit withstand, are currently available.

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Volume: 2019 May/June