BIPV metal sheet solar roof

15 May 2019

Swedish solar energy technology company, Midsummer, launched its new energy producing metal sheet roof, Midsummer solar roofs, a standing seam metal roof integrated with Midsummer’s thin film solar panels offering high energy efficiency. The roofs are delivered pre-installed with solar panels for easy installation, similar to any standing seam metal roof without solar cells. Besides building integrated solar roofs, Midsummer’s panels are suitable for a range of other roofs, corrugated, membrane, shingles, etc, as well as facades, vehicles, landfills, tents, etc. Midsummer's light, thin, and flexible solar panels can be walked upon like other metal roofs, and the weight, appearance, and cost is similar to a standard metal roof. Midsummer solar roofs have an expected lifetime of 25 years, with a guarantee of 15 years for the roof, a five-year warranty for the solar panels, and a guarantee that the roof delivers 90% of the installed peak power after ten years and 80% of the installed peak power after 25 years. The new model solar cell roof is narrow, which makes the roof aesthetically pleasing and increases the installed power per square meter. Midsummer solar roofs offer the option to connect the solar panels with each other for longer roofs, which means that Midsummer can supply its metal roof with integrated solar panels in lengths up to 39ft (12m).

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