400+ watt poly bifacial solar PV module 

15 May 2019

Canadian Solar Inc. unveiled BiHiKu, combining three solar PV technologies in one new 400+ watt module: black silicon, poly PERC, and bifacial cell technologies. Merging these technologies enables Canadian Solar to produce the BiHiKu module, a HiKu module with bifaciality up to 75%. This new poly solar module generates 400W or more on the front, plus up to 30% additional power generation from the back side, increasing system yield and reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). BiHiKu is suitable for large commercial or utility-scale solar installations, particularly where a high reflection ground or surface under the module creates high albedo, contributing to high back side yield. The product will be available in 2019 and pre-production orders are being accepted now.

Canadian Solar Inc. | http://www.canadiansolar.com


Volume: 2019 May/June