Bi-directional DC-DC optimizer

15 May 2019

The Alencon BOSS is a solution for both improving and bringing down the cost of DC-Coupled Solar + Storage deployments while extending useful life of the batteries and improving battery rack utilization. The BOSS controls the charge and discharge of individual battery racks in both DC and AC coupled deployments. The BOSS supports the integration of energy storage with 600V, 1000V or 1500V PV strings. The BOSS features Alencon’s Galvanically Isolated DC-DC conversion topology. This architecture offers users a number of benefits not available from other non-isolated DC-DC converters, including the ability to incorporate grounded PV systems with floating batteries on the same DC-bus as well as the ability to pair high voltage 1500V PV with lower voltage battery chemistries. Additionally, because the BOSS is a rack level DC-DC converter it assures the most optimal utilization of each battery rack in the cabinet. By addressing each battery rack individually, the BOSS also improves system safety by limiting the fault currents in the case of a sudden short to ground thus potentially reducing system cost by eliminating the need for additional safety devices.  Additionally, the BOSS makes battery rack augmentation over the life of a storage project much easier and cost effective by allowing battery racks with different charge-discharge voltages to be installed onto the same DC-bus. The BOSS also makes it easy to deploy DC-coupled Solar + Storage projects with string inverters.

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Volume: 2019 May/June