Maximize charging options for drivers while reducing operational costs

15 May 2019

eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet Enterprise solution simplifies management of electric vehicle charging stations across multiple sites. By deploying both smart-charging EV supply equipment (EVSE) and cloud software solutions on a commercial scale, electric vehicle fleet owners and facility managers are able to remotely manage fleets of chargers at various locations from a single cloud dashboard and maximize EV charging capabilities on their properties. Through the dynamic load balancing control of the JuiceNet Enterprise solution, EV owners can install more stations on their property without costly electrical upgrades to their building infrastructure, balancing the charging load in real-time to match site electrical capacity. In addition, JuiceNet Enterprise enables EV drivers and building managers to optimize renewable energy use by aligning charging when solar and wind generation are most abundant on the grid. The solution allows customers to reduce onsite peak electricity demand charges by sharing loads between chargers throughout the day, while ensuring vehicles are charged when needed. The system also empowers drivers to locate available stations within their network on the JuiceNet mobile app. JuiceNet Enterprise allows deployed stations to automatically shift power use to nighttime hours, when prices are low, or curtail charging during peak afternoon times. Through JuiceNet Enterprise, fleet operators gain flexible configuration, reporting, and notifications, such as the ability to configure charger settings across the network, by customer account, location, or individual station. The benefits of JuiceNet Enterprise also extend to a regional utility level, allowing fleets of JuiceNet-enabled EV chargers to aggregate charging loads and respond to demand response programs, helping to bring greater stability to the grid during peak load times.

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Volume: 2019 May/June