Ensuring Investment Certainty as the PTC Cliff Looms by Aaron Anderson

10 May 2019

We hope you’ll attend as Aaron Anderson gives an informative presentation on protecting the investible nature of projects as the Production Tax Credit nears its end. Many other Burns & McDonnell professionals will be on hand to participate in the conference conversations as well.

Ensuring Investment Certainty as the PTC Cliff Looms presented by Aaron Anderson

As the wind industry rapidly approaches the inevitable end of the Production Tax Credit, a significant backlog of projects is expected to come online in rapid succession. Developing, designing and building these projects will pose a major challenge to the industry as experienced personnel are expected to be overcommitted and overworked, creating a void and leaving a second-tier group of suppliers to complete the work. In this presentation, strategies will be discussed for making sure projects remain investible in an environment where contractors, engineers, skilled craft and other essential personnel are spread thin. Multiple examples, based on extensive experience as an owner’s and independent engineer, will be provided to demonstrate how quality and reliability are maintained in this resource-constrained environment. These techniques will be critical to providing investment-grade assets as developers attempt to bring projects online faster, leaner and in greater volume than ever before.

Join Aaron at the Fast Track on Wednesday, May 22 from 11:45 a.m.-12:10 p.m. 

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