LithiumHub Announces a New App for Ionic Batteries

08 May 2019 announced a ground-breaking new app for "Ionic Batteries" allowing ionic deep cycle batteries to be monitored. The app allows the user to monitor the state of charge, voltage, current, power levels, temperature, time left to discharge, time left to charge and Cycle count. "Once you use the ionic batteries bluetooth app, you'll realize what you have been missing. In the past, it has been difficult to monitor your battery state of charge without expensive monitoring equipment says," says Martin Koebler, President of LithiumHub.  

"The ionic deep cycle batteries are also the most advanced lithium-ion batteries using large formatted cells that stay balance to maximize performance for many years to come. It is the best performing, best value lithium-ion deep cycle battery on the market that has an APP to read the capacity similar to a fuel gauge," continued Martin Koebler. 

The ionic lithium batteries can use 100% of the capacity that allows you to use a smaller Ah capacity battery compared to Ah ratings to lead acid batteries. Even though the upfront costs for lithium is higher, the cost of the lead acid battery will be double to that of the lithium battery over the life of the lithium battery.

The ionic lithium batteries allow batteries to be connected up to 4 in series to allow to use on 24V, 36V or 48V. Unlimited numbers can be connected in parallel. Should one fall out in a larger system the other batteries will keep working.

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