24M Delivers 40 Grid-scale Battery Cells to GPSC for Module Build and Application Validation

01 May 2019

24M announced it has manufactured and delivered 40, 110 Amp-Hour (Ah) Lithium-ion cells to its partner Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), the Power Flagship Company of PTT Group. GPSC, in collaboration with PTT, Thailand’s state-owned energy company, will assemble these large format cells into 48V modules for stationary storage projects in Thailand and field them for application validation.

The delivery of these grid-scale battery cells based on a lithium iron phosphate cathode follows the recent delivery of high energy density, NMC-based EV cells to the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) in February. These milestones further validate 24M’s chemistry-agnostic, capital-efficient, low-cost approach to advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

The SemiSolid electrode platform provides unique opportunities for cost-optimized, application-specific designs in both grid and EV markets. Specifically, for grid-storage, thicker electrodes deliver a significant structural bill of materials advantage via inactive material reduction, while offering robust abuse tolerance, long life, and unique recycling attributes.

“We’ve proven the novel 24M SemiSolid battery design is production-ready using our semi-automated pilot facility in Cambridge,” said Rick Feldt, President and CEO of 24M. “We look forward to working with our partners to scale this technology further in the coming months.”

“We’re excited to take our partnership with 24M into field deployment and testing,” said GPSC’s representative. “Low-capital, high-performance battery storage will be critical to securing the region’s power supply and advancing the transformation of our energy systems.”

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GPSC | http://www.gpscgroup.com