Nevada Governor Signs Strengthened Clean Energy Standards into Law

23 Apr 2019

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak doubled Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, laying the groundwork for thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars in economic impact of the coming decade. The new law positions the state to maintain the fastest job growth in the country for clean energy like solar, geothermal and wind.

Gov. Sisolak’s signing of Senate Bill 358 requires energy generated and used in Nevada to come from at least 50% clean energy sources by 2030, up from 25% by 2025 previously in state law. By signing the bill, Sisolak fulfilled one of his central campaign promises and responded to a ballot question last November in which Nevada voters overwhelmingly supported a stronger RPS.

With the new RPS, Nevada moves back into a leadership position among states with clean energy standards nationally. Access to clean solar and geothermal energy has been a selling point for the state to attract investment from businesses of all sizes that are seeking low-cost, dependable alternatives to fossil fuels.

The growth of Nevada’s clean energy economy helped SB358, sponsored by Senator Chris Brooks, sail through the state Senate and Assembly without a single “no” vote. The legislation also enjoyed support from a broad coalition of businesses, local chambers of commerce, labor unions, and community groups.

“In just over 100 days, Gov. Sisolak delivered on his energy promise by signing SB358, a bill that significantly reshapes Nevada’s position as regional advanced energy leader,” said Ray Fakhoury, Principal at the Advanced Energy Economy. “We applaud the Governor for his commitment to bringing new jobs and investments to Nevada and thank Senator Chris Brooks for his continued leadership as an advanced energy champion.”

“We applaud Gov. Sisolak and the Nevada legislature for their leadership and for not gambling on the state’s clean energy future,” said Anne Kelly, vice president of government relations at Ceres. “With so many companies looking to invest in renewable energy, a stronger RPS will help to spur investment in Nevada and ensure the state stays at the forefront of the transition to a clean energy economy.”

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