eTaBlades and Romo Wind to Collaborate to Help Wind Farm Owners and Operators to Improve the Performance and Extend the Lifetime of their Aging Wind Assets

11 Apr 2019

eta Blades and Romo Wind announced their cooperation to provide customers with solutions to improve the performance and extend the life cycle of the growing number of aging wind farms. eTa Blades, with its advanced capability to re-design and manufacture lighter and aerodynamically more efficient blades for older turbine types, and Romo Wind’s iSpin technology to monitor the performance and the wind site conditions for detailed load and life time assessments, together provide an attractive refurbishment package for aging wind farms.

“The advanced iSpin measurement technology with its unprecedent abilities to monitor wind speed, direction, yaw misalignment and turbulence intensity as well as the performance on each of the turbines in a wind farm helps us to optimise turbine operations for our re-blading projects to maximise power output while still keeping within design limits” Carlo Durante, founder of eTa Blades comments.

Brian Sørensen, CEO Romo Wind adds: “Based on eTa Blades deep understanding of airfoils and wind turbine loads, ROMO Wind further steps into helping customers improve asset performances and extend the life time of their aging wind assets with outstanding re-blading solutions”

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