Landstar Announces Two Annual Safety Awards

11 Apr 2019

Landstar System Inc. presented the 2018 Overall Landstar M.U.S.T. Customer of the Year Award to Google LLC during Landstar’s Annual Agent Convention held in Marco Island, Fla.

Landstar’s Mutual Understanding of Safety Together, or M.U.S.T., program involves an extensive tour of a customer’s facility, followed by discussion and analysis of safety and securement practices.

Landstar Transportation Logistics Vice President of Safety and Compliance Mike Cobb announced Google as the overall winner during a ceremony held April 6, 2019. Also recognized was independent Landstar Agent Brian Putzke of Momentum Transportation, the Landstar agency which provides the customer with transportation logistics services.

In 2018, Putzke and Landstar representatives met with Google at seven Google locations throughout the United States to assess shipping and receiving areas at the company’s facilities.

“Together, Landstar and Google reviewed loading and securement processes,” says Cobb. “The visits confirmed that Google and Landstar share the same commitment to putting safety first.”

Two other companies also were awarded M.U.S.T. Customer of the Year and were in the running for the 2018 Overall M.U.S.T. Customer of the Year Award.

During the same convention, Landstar System, Inc. presented the 2018 Landstar Safety Officer of the Year Award to independent Landstar Agent Ike Tate.

Landstar requires each of its 1,300 independent agents to name an individual responsible for the safety performance of their agency. The designated Landstar Safety Officer (LSO) promotes safe, secure and compliant driving, participates in Landstar’s network-wide monthly Safety Thursday Conference Call and supports customer safety initiatives. Each month, Landstar names one LSO of the Month, from which the Landstar Safety Officer of the Year is selected.

Tate, of Charlotte Express Center Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was first recognized as a LSO of the Month in May 2018 after hosting a Landstar safety meeting focused on the dangers of distracted driving. Charlotte Express Center also conducted three Mutual Understanding of Safety Together or M.U.S.T. customer visits during 2018. And, with more than 2.6 million Landstar business capacity owner (BCO) miles booked in 2018, the agency had no preventable accidents or cargo claims on any shipments it arranged during the year.

During a ceremony held April 6, 2019, Mike Cobb, Landstar Transportation Logistics vice president of safety and compliance, presented the award to Tate. “Ike is a prime example of a true leader in safety,” said Cobb. “His agency supports its customers and community with Landstar’s safety initiatives.”

Tate, like the 11 other 2018 LSO of the Month finalists, represents an agency with an impeccable safety record, very low accident and cargo loss frequency rates, and a staff that continuously looks for ways to improve safety. He demonstrates a constant commitment to safety by regularly participating in safety initiatives and following Landstar’s Complete and Accurate Dispatch procedures.

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