Signet International Holdings, Inc. (SIGN) Announces: Acquisition of the First Instantly Rechargeable Energy Pack Device to Replace All Batteries

03 Apr 2019

“We acquired all rights to this invention,” says Ernest W. Letiziano, CEO SIGN. “It provides a compact magnetic-based battery device that offers: a large number of cycles a long storage time and an instant charging time. We call it: ‘InCharge’ This is truly a complete and independent unit… In and of Itself.”

Increased reliance on technology-based solutions has necessitated growth in the area of rechargeable batteries. Battery markets have significantly grown in recent decades, and advancements in computing, portable and wearable-sensor applications, including the recent surge of electric vehicle sales. In 2018, battery sales exceeded $65.1 Billion US dollars. One of the most essential obstacles, which limits modern applications of rechargeable batteries is their slow recharging time.

Inventors, Dr Khizroev and Dr. Guduru, reported that experimental analyses have shown that InCharge energy pack can be tailored to provide fabrication methods that will adjust to industry scale. All sizes and shapes can be modified to accommodate industries’ concerns for mass production.

“The future is bright for Signet and our shareholders,” says Letiziano. “Imagine, not being burdened with the trivial task of patiently waiting while charging a cell phone or even an electric automobile. It’s encouraging to be receiving inquiries from multinationals. We anticipate funding from those men and women who choose to transcend beyond the safe blue-chip way of thinking; insightful investors taking an informative risk and seeing our potential.”