New York State Announces $250 Million Westchester Clean Energy Action Plan

14 Mar 2019

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Department of Public Service (DPS) and New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced a Westchester Clean Energy Action Plan to provide immediate relief to Westchester County businesses and residents affected by Con Edison’s announcement that it will put new applications for firm natural gas service on a waiting list beginning March 15. 

As DPS independently reviews Con Edison’s claims of a shortage in natural gas supply, the State is advancing a $250 million Westchester Clean Energy Investment Program to provide local investment in clean energy alternatives such as electric heat pumps, high-efficiency appliances, equipment and building materials that will lower energy costs for consumers and reduce demand in order to accommodate new customers.

The $250 million Westchester Clean Energy Investment Program includes:

  • $165 million in grants from the Smart Solutions package that the Public Service Commission (PSC) recently directed Con Edison to deploy toward heat pumps and increasing gas efficiency for residential, multifamily and commercial and industrial customers.
  • An additional $53 million in clean energy incentives and investments that NYSERDA will provide to Westchester customers.
    • $28 million will be used for grants for new customers, including low-to-moderate residential developments waitlisted by Con Edison for natural gas to use alternative heating and cooling systems and adopt energy efficient solutions. 
    • $25 million will be used to provide grants to improve energy efficiency in Westchester and reduce overall and peak energy demand from existing customers in the region to free up capacity. 
  • An additional $32 million in low-cost NYPA financing services for its Westchester customers to retrofit heating systems with clean energy alternatives. NYPA is committing to provide energy audits and screenings to support its governmental customer base and identify alternative options.

These investments and activities, targeted directly to the Westchester area and in zones where investments can have the greatest impact in reducing demand constraints, are estimated to reduce energy consumption equivalent to the amount of gas needed to heat over 90,000 homes. NYSERDA, NYPA, and Westchester County will support expanded contractor training in Westchester to ensure there are sufficient trained professionals to deliver these solutions in a timely manner.