Rev Group Announces FDNY Order of 76 More Eco-Friendly Ambulances

04 Mar 2019

Wheeled Coach, a leading manufacturer of emergency medical service vehicles and subsidiary of REV Group, received an order for 76 Fire Department of New York (FDNY) ambulances, custom built to the department’s specific requirements. The fleet of ambulances includes environmental-friendly emission reduction technology in keeping with the FDNY Green initiative.

Since 2009, Wheeled Coach has supplied over 600 ambulances specially constructed to the operational and design requirements of FDNY. This most recent order of 76 ambulances features an auxiliary power unit enabling the vehicles to fully operate when parked without the need to run the engine in idle mode. The engine idle reduction technology provides measurable maintenance and fuel cost savings and a quality-of-air benefit for New York City residents. EMS professionals and patients also benefit from less exposure to engine exhaust emissions during a service call.

In addition to the green technology, these vehicles come equipped with 4-wheel drive capability to ensure first responders answer the call in the worst of weather conditions. “Our employees take great pride in building the most advanced and rugged vehicles to meet the demands of the city that never sleeps,” stated Tim Sullivan, CEO of REV Group. “Our designers and engineers work closely in partnership with FDNY to build their trucks. It’s a collaboration that has developed over the last decade,” said Kevin Kraus head of engineering at Wheeled Coach.

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