The Hybrid Energy Storage Revolution

08 Feb 2019

It is well-known fact that the electrical grid is evolving towards creating a most sustainable energy paradigm, due to the irruption of new energy assets in the electrical landscape, such as energy storage, that provides more manageability and flexibility, at the same time that boosts an optimal penetration of distributed renewable sources in the grid. 

Inside the huge business-potential energy storage market, there is a rising trend in the hybridization of several energy storage technologies within the same solution. This revolutionary hybrid concept was inconceivable years ago, but today it is another story. Navigant Research recognizes the potential of customer-sited hybrid energy storage systems (HESS), estimating the deployment of 2GW by 2026. 

That fact is evidenced by the positioning of renowned energy industry leaders, that are evaluating the potential of a hybrid energy storage approach in several application areas, such as automation or electricity distribution. Recently, Maxwell Technologies, ultracapacitors manufacturer company, has been acquired by Tesla, the Silicon Valley automaker and battery storage manufacturer. This proves beyond any doubt the interest of the industry in the potential of the hybrid concept, offering better performance capabilities and significant cost benefits. 

Hybrid Energy Storage Solution Ltd. (HESStec) and its core team (former Win Inertia staff) was a pioneer in the conception of the hybrid energy storage approach, with the release of the SHAD technology in 2013. This disruptive enabling platform combines ultracapacitors and battery storage under the same solution, achieving to offer better results in terms of functionality (operating each energy storage system in its comfort zone) and profitability (stacking multiple grid services). Duke Energy Rankin Project was the first-of-its-kind utility scale HESS deployment, demonstrating multiple service applications, extended operational life, rapid-response, solar smoothing, and load shifting. 

“Highly proud that the HESStec’s SHAD solution was the heart of this project, proving the beneficial coexistence between ultracapacitors and batteries and its potential on grid applications”, said Eugenio Dominguez, Chief Technological Officer and member of the HESStec’s Boards of Directors. 

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