Norwegian Startup Unveils a Simple Tool that could Help Save 40% of Norway's Annual Carbon Emissions

07 Feb 2019

Twenty seven high schools across Norway recently completed a climate emissions challenge sponsored by their city councils and run by local startup It was a huge success.

In fact, if all Norwegians copied the top twenty classes in the challenge, the country would save 40% of its total annual carbon emissions!

Students learn more about the Ducky Climate Challenge.

Students learn more about the Ducky Climate Challenge.

The winning schools celebrate the Ducky Climate Challenge triumph

The winning schools celebrate the Ducky Climate Challenge triumph

The 6000 students competed against each other in teams and saved a whopping 273,471 kg CO2e in just three weeks. That's like flying 27 times around the earth.

How did it work?

The students logged their everyday activities using the fun Ducky web-app. Each action was based on simple things they could do to reduce their carbon footprint, like walking instead of driving or eating less meat. In total they logged a staggering 312,175 actions, which showed their real commitment.

Real change

Following on from the success of the challenge, several more county municipalities have already expressed interest in running their own championships in 2019. Mads Simonsen, one of the co-founders of, is also ready to expand the challenge to more places.

"We were blown away by how successful this challenge was," he explains, "Our app really inspired the kids to be more aware. We're now hoping to roll out the Climate Challenge on a national and international basis this year."

About Ducky

The Ducky Climate Challenge Game is based on world-leading climate and environmental research data. Each challenge can be custom tailored to the organisations or schools who play it, and the unique algorithm calculates the effect of user behaviour in real time. 

Working with big names

Brand name companies such as IKEA, Ruter and KLP Banken have already used to engage employees and customers in climate aware activities. IKEA was one of the early users of the app and ran a climate challenge across six warehouses. It proved to be very popular.

"The level of participation and engagement in our internal challenge was way above our expectations," confirms IKEA Sustainability Manager Anders Lennartsson. "I really believe the Ducky platform is exactly what we need to demonstrate the positive effect of us all working together."

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