AMSOIL Announces Strategic Agreement in China

24 Jan 2019

In a public signing ceremony, global wind industry leaders Envision Energy, NGC, CLCP and AMSOIL officially became strategic partners in the world's largest renewable energy market. The China Wind Energy Association and other guests gathered in Beijing to witness the wind energy leaders signing the "Powering the World's Renewable Future" agreement. The partnership leverages proven expertise and innovation from four sectors within the industry: lubrication from AMSOIL, smart energy technology from Envision, gearboxes from NGC and service from CLCP. Collectively, the partnership will provide a comprehensive array of wind industry products and services to support rapid growth in an already exploding market. 

"We're excited to join NGC, CLCP and Envision in this strategic partnership," said AMSOIL President and CEO Alan Amatuzio. "Our organizations share the same high standards of innovation, service and quality, and our combined leadership supports an ambitious vision for the future of renewable energy." 

"Being young, successful and fast-growing are not the only reasons for our cooperation. Innovation and focus on customers are as well," stated Global Vice President of Envision Energy Kane Xu.

"It's a great pleasure to witness this strategic cooperation among the leading wind companies from China and the U.S.," remarked Qin Haiyan, secretary general of the China Wind Energy Association and vice president of the World Energy Association.

At a time of strained U.S.-China relations, the signing ceremony is a bright spot of collaboration between Wisconsin-based AMSOIL and three Chinese wind industry leaders. The strategic partnership is a perfect example of pioneering companies working together to address climate change while enhancing economic development, including meeting the goals of China's Wind Energy Development 13th Five Year Plan and One Belt and One Road initiatives. The agreement advances global wind energy development, deepens international cooperation and will truly "Power the World's Renewable Future."