Direct Recycling Technology: Will it Enable "Green" Electric Vehicles?

21 Jan 2019

The environmental Achilles Heal of electric drive is that no technology exists today that enables the profitable recycling of lithium-ion vehicle batteries. If millions of tons of used batteries end up in landfills or on roadsides, can the electric vehicle revolution really succeed?

NAATBatt 2019, the top thought leadership program on advanced battery technology in North America, will examine this problem and its most promising solution: Direct recycling technology for lithium-ion batteries. 

Direct recycling technology refines used batteries into high value cathode and anode materials, rather into lower-value base metals. Direct recycling technology may be the key to profitable recycling of lithium-ion automotive batteries--but only if the technology can be developed and deployed at industrial scale.

NAATBatt 2019 will feature a panel discussion by leading experts on direct recycling technology. Those experts, from the U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory and NREL, will talk about the promise of direct recycling technology, the state of that technology today, and what needs to happen to bring that technology to industrial scale. The panel will also discuss the just-announced DOE Battery Recycling Prize and opportunities for private industry in the new Battery Recycling R&D Center.

A second panel at NAATBatt 2019 will explore the possibility of using blockchain technology to track the location and better enable the recovery of lithium-ion batteries after their manufacturer. Learn why better tracking of lithium-ion batteries may be crucial to the deployment of direct recycling technology at scale.

Anyone interested in the future of electric drive and advanced battery technologies should attend NAATBatt 2019. If direct recycling technology can be commercialized, it will be a multi-billion dollar opportunity and significantly impact markets for lithium, cobalt and nickel. Learn how your company can get in on the action.

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