CLB Americas Announces New Advanced Silicon Anode & Binder Material Package for NextGen High Energy Lithium Batteries

10 Jan 2019

CLB is announcing the development of an industry-leading high capacity silicon anode material for next generation batteries to be used in electric vehicles (EV), consumer electronic devices, power tools and energy storage systems.


Recent tests conducted by multiple parties show that the combination of the CLB’s M Series SiCAM anode material coupled with the Ashland Soteras MSi binder exhibits superior (2X+) anode capacity and stable cycle life performance compared to other competing silicon anode materials. According to Dr. Alan E. Goliaszewski, Research and Development Director, Performance Additives at Ashland, “We have seen that the CLB silicon carbon M Series anode material coupled with the Ashland Soteras MSi binder produces an outstanding anode electrode material package with over 90% first cycle efficiency, lower swelling, better charge rates and extended stable cycle life. Used appropriately, it can increase battery energy density by up to 30%.”

Global efforts to develop next generation high energy Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs) to enable longer driving range EVs and high-performance battery-powered 3C devices are well underway. Given the need for key materials for next generation LIBs, the industry has seen a worldwide collaborative effort in developing a viable (stable) high capacity silicon anode material. The challenge is that silicon expands and contracts over 360% during charge-discharge cycles and this creates cycle stability problems, causing the battery performance to quickly fade. Many research institutes, university laboratories, and related industries have proposed and studied novel Si materials for use in a LIB anode. “The CLB technology can be used to produce a novel and robust Si dominant electrode that delivers very promising performance and provides a practical solution to battery and EV OEMs looking to incorporate silicon anodes into their next generation high energy density batteries”, said Dr. Junbing Yang, CLB’s President/CTO and SiCAM inventor.

CLB recently announced it will be giving away free samples of SiCAM electrodes containing the Ashland Sotera MSi binder to key prospective customers. This is an effective way for prospective customers to initially validate their new high capacity silicon composite anode material in a timely manner.  “The outstanding performance data suggest that our SiCAM anode material coupled with the Ashland binder is a step-change technology to making game changing next generation EV and 3C lithium batteries”, said Phil Roberts, CEO of CLB.

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