Intelligent dieless crimper

15 Jan 2019

ABB’s electrical installation tool, SmartTool+, is a die-less crimper that can scan lug characteristics, automatically configure itself to deliver a solid crimp, check for quality in a finished crimp, and then load detailed data to the cloud for storage and retrieval. The tool can be used reliably with standard Color-Keyed lugs sized 3/0 AWG to 750kcmil for copper and 1/0 AWG to 600kcmil for aluminum but uses its full capabilities when combined with ABB’s new RFID-enabled Color-Keyed lugs. The end result is time saved on the job, along with a full array of data collection on critical electrical connections: data that are increasingly specified on QAQC jobs that require high levels of quality control. SmartTool+ produces an indent-style crimp precisely calibrated to the lug and wire through pressure sensing and preset indentation levels, resulting in solidly bonded connections with predictable configurations. A range of lug sizes can be entered manually for standard Color-Keyed lugs or entered automatically by scanning RFID-enabled Color-Keyed lugs. SmartTool+ features include automatic quality check, data collection and analysis, bluetooth connectivity, and analysis and reporting.




Volume: 2019 January/February