Tailor-made energy efficient axial piston pumps 

15 Jan 2019

Rexroth’s energy-efficient axial piston variable pumps reduce diesel consumption in fork lift trucks - power class up to 3 tons load capacity. With size 28 in the A1VO axial piston pump series, Rexroth offers an even finer gradation for application oriented, easy to install solutions. The variable pumps supply different functions of the working hydraulics, such as lifting and lowering, or the steering. The new variant increases the scalability of the A1VO series, which Rexroth already offers in sizes 18 and 35. Despite the cube number of 28 ccm, the new size shares the same compact housing as the existing size 18. It can therefore be compactly installed in tight spaces. The connections, which can be positioned laterally or to the rear, are easily accessible. At a nominal pressure of 250 bar and a maximum pressure of 280 bar, the A1VO size 28 provides a high power density in a compact installation space and achieves an efficiency of nearly 90%. The high permissible self-priming speeds further complement this power comparison. Adjusting the cradle decouples the speed of the diesel engine from the pump power and produces the flow, according to the actual need. The speed in continuous operation and at maximum swivel angle has been set to 3,200 rpm, as a result, the A1VO size 28 covers a wide performance range. 

Bosch Rexroth | http://www.boschrexroth.ca 


Volume: 2019 January/February