SolAero Technologies Solar Panels Powering the NASA Mars InSight Lander

27 Nov 2018

SolAero Technologies Corp. (SolAero), a leading provider of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and composite structural products for satellite and aerospace applications, is proud to have supplied the solar panels on the NASA Insight Mars Lander. The Insight Mars Lander successfully touched down on the Elysium Planitia region of Mars yesterday.  

SolAero's solar panels, populated with high-efficiency triple-junction solar cells, will serve as the primary power to the InSight Lander throughout its two-year mission.  These solar panels were integrated by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS) onto their heritage UltraFlex solar array that was successfully deployed after landing.

SolAero is one of the world's leading manufacturers of highly-efficient radiation-hard solar cells for space power applications. With the highest Beginning-Of-Life (BOL) conversion efficiency of 32%, SolAero's industry-leading multi-junction solar cells provide the highest levels of performance to interplanetary spacecraft and earth orbiting satellites. SolAero's proven manufacturing capability, technology leadership and high-reliability solar cells and panels make us the supplier of choice for demanding spacecraft power systems.

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