Residential roof mount system

14 Nov 2018

 SnapNrack’s Ultra Rail System is a sleek, lightweight rail solution for mounting solar modules on the roof. Ultra Rail, a lighter rail profile, is an economical solution for projects in more average load conditions, especially when attachment spacing is already dictated by the existing roof structure and more mounts are needed to disperse the weight of the system. Furthermore, Ultra Rail is a cost effective solution for customers installing on a mix of roof surfaces rather than one roof type for every install. The new Ultra Rail Mounts include snap-in brackets for attaching rail. The spring-loaded roof mounts provide full rail leveling capabilities and all components come pre-assembled. SnapNrack’s wire management solutions are compatible with the Ultra Rail System which features a large top rail channel, providing ample room for wires and cables. Furthermore, the system is compatible with all existing module clamps and maintains the same install experience installers are familiar with. 

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