Rail-free mounting without compromise

14 Nov 2018

The Zilla Phantom XL Lo-Pro is a low profile version of the popular Zilla Phantom XL rail-less pitched roof solar mounting system, their completely watertight rooftop installation that attaches anywhere on a composite roof, in almost any configuration and Certified to UL 2703: 2015. The Phantom Lo-Pro utilizes the Zilla Double Stud with Encapsulated Gland Washer to provide 2-1/4" or 2-7/8" between the roof deck and the bottom of the module frame. This rail-less mounting system provides installation professionals with the flexibility to attach directly to sheathing or structure and features the Zilla Top Clip with integrated grounding for efficient installations requiring fewer materials. The Phantom XL Lo-Pro is a complete roof mount flashing and solar mounting system in one convenient package for easy shipping and transport along with maximum flexibility, which leads to a better bottom line for installers.

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