Off-line converters for 5-30V power supplies

14 Nov 2018

The VIPer11 off-line converter with embedded 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET from STMicroelectronics enables equipment makers to design tougher auxiliary power supplies and power adapters. Its 26Vdc drain-start voltage allows an ultra-wide line input voltage range and enhances flexibility in consumer and industrial applications. The logic-level primary MOSFET enables the VIPer11 to operate with a supply voltage range from 4.5V up to 30V. VIPer11 high-voltage converters enable flyback, boost, or buck/boost power supplies powered directly from the rectified AC line or other DC sources to generate the desired output voltage using a simple voltage divider. High efficiency is assured across a wide load range, even at 5V output voltage thanks to the logic-level MOSFET feature, and minimum consumption of 10mW enables extremely low standby power. The HV converter contains built-in protection features including overload/short-circuit protection (OLP), line or output over-voltage protection (OVP), maximum duty-cycle counter, and VCC clamping, all with automatic restart. There is also embedded thermal shutdown, built-in soft‑start, and pulse-skip protection to avoid flux-runaway and enhance system reliability. The VIPer11 series contains the VIPer114 with drain-current limit (IDLIM) of 480mA, and the VIPer115 limited at 590mA, and a choice of 30kHz or 60kHz operating frequency.

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